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December 3, 2021 - David Breather releases a  compilation album to benefit his cousin, suffering from Frontotemporal Dementia. 













Casting Shadows: A Benefit Compilation for Justin Wise (Various Artists)


Casting Shadows: A Benefit Compilation for Justin Wise is a compilation album constructed by musical artist David Breather, consisting of exclusive new solo and collaborative tracks from David Breather, as well as tracks from various artists.

Tracks by various artists include:

We Were Wolves, an unreleased, exclusive track from Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends (Conan Neutron of Replicator, Household Gods, and host of the Protonic Reversal Podcast, also Melvins, and one-time Nirvana drummer Dale Crover on drums.)

American Mouth, a track from Psychic Graveyard (Members of Arab on Radar and Some Girls)

The World Opens from Eavesdrop Cosmic brings you new sounds from Brannon Hungness (Fellow Famous Breather and long-time David Breather collaborator, alumnus of the Glenn Branca Ensemble and AmRep noise rock legends Hammerhead)

Rolled Over from The Fragile Fate (Notable musicians Rupert Greenall from The Fixx, and Jerry Marotta of Peter Gabriel’s band, Hall and Oates, and many more, This track also features influential ambient composer Robert Rich)

Dredge The Lake from Sully (a new project from metal legend Erik Burke of Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, and Lethargy along with Adam Frappoli from Psyopus on vocals)

Horror Whisper from Major Entertainer (Opening act for the likes of Neil Hamburger, Eric Andre, and more… track produced by Mr. Bungle’s Trey Spruance)


Collaboration tracks between David Breather and Various Artists include:

Goo Goo Itch from David Breather collaborating with Major Entertainer is a re-imagined cover of the 1976 Devo song Goo Goo Itch.

Get The Dremel Tool from David Breather and Baltimore Rapper Height Keech is an exclusive hip hop track recorded for this compilation and a first-time collaboration between Keech and Breather.

Seethat? From David Breather and Erik Burke is a new collaboration between legendary mathcore/metal multi-instrumentalist Erik Burke and Breather creating a unique genre-avoiding ditty.

You will also hear an exclusive new track from David Breather and rapper Mad Science’s Hip Hop duo Test Subjects with Strange Tree Riot, as well as Funny How, a track from a new ear blistering project with David Breather and Toronto artist Marcus Iannello called Crash Witness.

To top it all off…  world renowned gig poster artist Derek Hess personally granted permission to David Breather to use his powerful piece “Cumulonimbus” for the album’s cover art.


The purpose of this compilation is to help raise money and send a message of hope to David Breather’s cousin Justin Wise and his family. Justin was recently diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) at the young age of 44. FTD causes a rapid and serious neurodegenerative decline. Justin and his family have a tough road ahead both emotionally and financially, so David wanted to put together a uniquely entertaining and eclectic compilation in honor of Justin as well as to raise funds to help with the extensive medical care he requires. On average FTD imposes a more severe economic burden to families, nearly double the amount associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

The compilation is "name your price" and David Breather asks you to donate what you can to download and enjoy this incredible album while also contributing to a good cause. All proceeds minus Bandcamp fees will go directly to Justin and his family. For more information about Frontotemporal Dementia please visit

Click here to listen to the album and donate

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