Taking his name from the experimental rock duo Famous Breathers which he was half of, David Breather has built upon the Breather's cult success in building an ever expanding and eclectic solo and collaborative body of music. 

Still influenced by his past collaborators like Brannon Hungness, the other Famous Breather who is an alumnus of the Glenn Branca Ensemble, AmRep noise rock legends Hammerhead, and has recorded with many notable musicians including Elliott Sharp, Tony Levin, and Jerry Marotta, David forges ahead breaking new ground in multiple genres. The Famous Breathers found mild success in underground circles, in part to the mastering and endorsement of Kramer (Shimmy Disc, Bongwater, Ween, Butthole Surfers) who was quoted as saying "I dont like it, I fucking love it!" in response to hearing the Famous Breathers album Mosquito Buzzer. Mosquito Buzzer also found wide exposure and a positive review from the popular YouTube show The Needle Drop and the "IT Came From Bandcamp" June 2016 episode, which has garnered over 79,000 views to date.

After a hiatus, 

David Breather set out to initially record solo tracks under the name Interbella. After many years of releasing a wide range of experimental electronic EPs as Interbella and toying with multiple project concepts, David is now solely focused on releasing all solo work as David Breather.

David continues to release material as a solo artist and will continue to dabble in graphic/apparel design, video, and any other creative opportunities life presents. Work will continue with collaborators such as rapper Mad Science for new Test Subjects material, and perhaps another Famous Breathers album will surface one day soon. This site will provide updates and links to new music, projects, and merch so keep coming back for updates and...